James Hindermeier – Illustration & Design

City Bridge
City Bridge

I’ve always considered myself in the background & for most of my career, I’ve had a representative to do my pitches & presentations.

Unit Floor Plan
Unit Floor Plan – Intrawest, Lake Tahoe

When RepArt, my former artist rep,  was owned by Donna Cameron, we did not always do glamorous, high profile jobs but there was a steady flow of work. 

Floor plans, maps, we sometimes did work that was mind numbingly, boring & monotonous in it’s task, but it was steady work, & steady income. It filled  the spaces between the more interesting & prestigious illustration jobs that we are best know for.


Argentina Bodega Wines
Argentina Bodega Wines
Bodega Wine Map
Bodega Wine Map


I’ve worked with most of the major businesses & corporations here in British Columbia.

DDB - Ski Map - Tourism Canada
DDB – Ski Map – Tourism Canada

Of the more interesting jobs I’ve done ski maps for Tourism Canada through DDB,

Home Smart Characters
BC Hydro – Home Smart Characters – Wasserman & Partners & later Riivera Design

illustrations for BC Hydro & BCLC,

Kids & Gambling - John - BCLC - Dare/Camp Pacific
Kids & Gambling – John – BCLC – Dare/Camp Pacific

wall murals for YVR International Terminal, 

YVR International - Shore Wave
YVR International Terminal – Shore Wave
BCAA car
BCAA car -2009 Lotus Award – Rethink

some award winning illustration for BCAA & Cruise Ship Centres. 

Cruise Ship Centers - Online Map - Grey Advertising
Cruise Ship Centers – Online Map – Grey Advertising
Canaccord Boats - Wasserman & Partners
Canaccord Boats – Wasserman & Partners

Newspaper ad illustrations for Canaccord, Maps & floor plans for Intrawest & Mission Hill Winery, icons for Shaw & Capital One. I have done illustration, to their satisfaction, for all the major agencies & shops around the mainland.


Capital One Icons - Rethnk
Capital One Icons – Rethnk
Shaw Icons - Rethink
Shaw Icons – Rethink










Traffic Control - Richmond Centre - DDB
Traffic Control – Richmond Centre – DDB
Road Work Signs - Richmond Centre - DDB
Road Work Signs – Richmond Centre – DDB
















I work a variety of styles, in a variety of mediums which I enjoy very much. No fear. Come to me with a style in mind & I will bring you that vision.


Diamonds North
Diamonds North
Seaside Marketing Logo
Seaside Marketing Logo
Pow-r-Tools Plugin for Indesign
Pow-r-Tools Plugin for Indesign










Admittedly I work best under great art direction & don’t at all mind being directed on the specifics of a clearly stated vision. Everything is better through collaboration. I can also present ideas & guidance accumulated from a long history of design & illustration work.

I will be an extended pair of hands or the mastermind & visionary. As long as it is clear as to which I’m to be. (I default to doing as directed.)





Fox Head
City Coast Condo Mtn
City Coast Condo Mtn










Prairie Mtn
Prairie Mtn
Rice Frame Packaging
Rice Frame Packaging











Whether standing still or animated & in motion.

To sum up I don’t balk at simple or tedious & I won’t fold under the pressure of high expectations.  I’m ready for any & all.

Dog & Hoop - Sumpatico
Dog & Hoop – Sympatico

 My name is James Hindermeier & I create solutions.


Web Development

It’s good to be diverse & I’ve other skills to offer.  

I’ve been creating web pages since the very beginning. Yes, the beginning of web design. I think it was me & one other designer, Brent Flink, who were the first to have info web sites on the internet. Somewhere around 1994 to 1996 I believe. At the time there was only one ISP in all of Vancouver.

I wrote my first HTML in a text editor.

Tradeline Industries Website
Tradeline Industries Website

I’ve produced & maintained web site & newsletters through the early 2000’s & have always designed & maintained my own site & the RepArt website up until 2010.

In 2004 I developed an interface using Flash as the front end & PHP  for the back, that allowed members of RepArt to upload, change & delete their own content. This software created thumbnails on the fly & maintained a SQL database of all content. At the time there was nothing like it.


RepArt website 2003 - 2006
RepArt website 2003 – 2006
RepArt Website 2009
RepArt Website 2009








James Hindermeier Website 2012
James Hindermeier Website 2012
James Hindermeier - 2017
James Hindermeier – 2017












I’ve progressed further since & now support W3.CSS, Bootstrap, WordPress & client pages for Shopify.

I would truly love to work with you & look forward to our future collaborations.